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The internet contains a wealth of information on Judaism and here are just a few tips on important, interesting and reliable sources. We can assume no responsibility for the contents of the websites on this list. – the page of the Central Council of Jews in Germany; under “Members” you can find information on regional associations and local communities and also some links to their own websites  – the Union of Progressive Jews is the umbrella organisation of liberal Jewish communities – the traditional and informative “Jüdische Allgemeine Wochenzeitung”. – a free information portal with news, texts, chat and much more on Jewish life today – information on Jewish life past and present, religion and culture, literature and current controversial debate – here you can look up important terms

From our museum work

Hier there is an archive of all issues of our museum journal “Schalom” since 2011. – short messages on events and activities at the Museum, links to current media reports. our portal on “”Westphalian Jews and their Neighbours”.  – “Stories” from three regions are told – Lublin, Groningen and Westphalia: biographies, the story of a street or a building, a certain community or institution. – highlights of a family migration from Dorsten to Chicago

Zeitzeugen und Vermittlungsarbeit. Survivors and Mediation: Experiences and perspectives at memorial sites in Westphalia. A conference report by Anna Gomoluch and Norbert Reichling (2011) – Material and didactic proposals on the subject of Jewish immigration 1990-2010

Svetlana Jebrak:Wege der Ankunft. At the opening of the exhibition “Angekommen?” Lebenswege jüdischer Einwanderer” in Dorsten on 21 February 2010

Norbert Reichling: Das Beispiel Jüdisches Museum (Dorsten) (Ways of integration – migration and identity. Ways of integration – migration and identity. The example Jewish Museum of Westphalia)

Norbert Reichling: ” …wenn wir nur an unsere Kinder denken, es war ein richtiger Schritt.“ Jewish Immigration since 1990 – new Judaism in the Ruhr Region too

Anke Klapsing-Reich:  Jüdische Gemeinden in Westfalen  – (Jewish Communities in Westphalia) Reports from 1990-1992 and 2002-2005

Jüdisches Leben in Europa.  A conference report by Andrea Löw and Norbert Reichling (2005)

Christa und Ewald Setzer: Südwall 13 eine Recherche über die Geschichte unseres Altbaus in der NS-Zeit (2013)

And more useful information

Allgemeine Informationen zum Judentum – information platform of the Joseph-Carlbach Institute at the Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel, with a glossary, explanation of Jewish holidays etc. the entertaining and informative pictogram exhibition “Zeichen des Alltags” provides unconventional information on present-day Jewish life in Germany  – the Central Welfare Office for Jews in Germany is responsible for the social work of Jewish communities and co-ordination of youth work and also provides statistical information

Jüdische Institutionen und Organisationen – a Jewish women’s forum for contacts, reflection, education, promotion of young talents and representation of interests – the youth organisation of the liberal Jews with a self-portrayal, invitations, reports and links to local groups – a German branch of the “Jewish Renewal” movement – a platform for Jewish religious education in the German language – the first liberal rabbinical seminary in Continental Europe since the Shoah – orthodox rabbinical seminary in Berlin (founded in 1873, reopened in 2009) – conservative rabbinical seminary in Berlin (since 2013)

Presse und Zeitschriften – früher und heute – an independent Jewish monthly newspaper – English-language newspaper on Jewish life in Germany today – online archive of Jewish periodicals – digital archive of the “Aufbau” newspaper (1934-2004) – a periodical on understanding Judaism – brings you the Jerusalem Post (English) – the daily (English) internet version of the Israeli newspaper “Ha’aretz”

Jüdische Geschichte – an interactive database on the history of 2000 German synagogues (incl. virtual reconstructions of 15 synagogues destroyed by the Nazis) – the “Jewish authors in Westphalia” project with information on more than 600 authors – nearly 75% of the archives of the Leo Baeck Institute have been digitalized – digital Judaica collection of Frankfurt/Main University library – “Germania Judaica”, the Cologne library on the history of German Judaism – data bank on Jewish tombstone epigraphy – internet portal on everyday life of Jewish people in Hesse


Orientierungshilfe 2011 – Teaching German-Jewish history. A guide for schools and adult education – the Anne Frank Zentrum (Berlin) with material, seminars and courses for young people and adults – studies the history and impact of the National Socialist mass crimes – with research, educational projects, classroom materials – a page on projects on the subjects of National Socialism, Holocaust, World War II and history of the GDR – with newsletters, materials, events and information on courses

Jüdische Museen – Jewish Museum Berlin – New Synagogue Berlin Foundation – Centrum Judaicum – Jewish Museum Frankfurt /Main – Jewish Museum Franconia – including an excellent list of links to other Jewish museums in Germany and the whole of Europe – the Jewish Museum Munich – Jewish Museum for the Bergische Land – the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam – Jewish Museum Vienna – Jewish Museum Hohenems – „Beth Hatefutsoth“, the Tel Aviv Nahum Goldmann Museum on the history of the Jewish Diaspora – Manfred Keller, Jüdische Gedenkstätten in Westfalen (Jewish Memorial sites in Westphalia)

Lokal- und Regionalgeschichten – a web app to localize places of Jewish history – Diethard Aschoff, Zur Geschichte der Juden in Westfalen (On the History of Jews in Westphalia)– documentation on the stumbling stones laid in Dorsten – students from 3 Borken schools tell the stories of 30 Jewish families in Borken (Westphalia) – a walking tour of Herford looking at the history of Jewish life in the town – a class of the Albert Schweitzer School in Hamm with the project of a walking tour of the town “Traces: Jews in Hamm” – an internet portal on Westphalian history with data bases and various search options – history group of the Heimatverein Wulfen 1922 e.v. (Local History Association Wulfen)…/afs-1983-023.pdf – Helmut Berding, Die Emanzipation der Juden im Königreich Westfalen 1807-1813 (The Emancipation of the Jews in the Kingdom of Westphalia 1807-1813)

Gedenkstätten und Erinnerungsinitiativen – the information centre of the North Rhine-Westphalian memorials– including many sites of Jewish history – a portal on the work of German memorial sites including a daily press review, events, discussion forums, new publications – the homepage of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam – the (English) page of the Yad Vashem Remembrance Centre in Israel

Forschung – Central Archives on the Research of the History of Jews in Germany – since 1966 the Institute for the History of German Jews (IGdJ) has been dedicated to the history of German-Jewish history – Institutum Judaicum Delitzschianum at the University of Münster – Salomon Ludwig Steinheim Institute at the University of Duisburg-Essen – Simon Dubnow Institute for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University – Department for Jewish History and Culture at Munich University – Moses Mendelssohn Institute at Potsdam University – Centre for Jewish Studies Berlin-Brandenburg – Centre for Research on Antisemistism, Technical University Berlin – Center for Holocaust Studies at the Institute for Contemporary History – ITS – International Tracing Service, Bad Arolsen, with archives, research, online resources and education

Israel – information from the Israeli embassy in Berlin – takes you to the (English) internet page of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament – The United Israel Appeal helps further the national priorities of the State of Israel, rescues Jews from places where their lives are in peril encouraging aliyah and absorbing new immigrants – The Association of Israelis of Central European Origin – German-Speaking Jewry Heritage Museum Tefen, Galilee – German-Israeli working group, a forum for a “balanced discussion of the Middle East conflict particularly for peace forces in Israel and Palestine.” – an online magazine, updated daily

Interreligiöses – Deutscher Koordinierungs-Rat der Gesellschaften für Christlich-Jüdische Zusammenarbeit – Artikel, Rezensionen, Berichte, offizielle Erklärungen sowie Studien- und Forschungsmaterialien zum jüdisch-christlichen Verhältnis – Texte zum Thema „Christen und Juden“ aus protestantischer Sicht