Artist Mia Weinberg on working in Germany

How a Vancouver student’s artwork from 1994 found its permanent home in Germany

by Mia Weinberg

In Spring 2022 the Jewish Museum Westphalia showed the multimedia installation „Fractured Legacy“ by Canadian artist Mia Weinberg as part of an exhibition entitled „Children on the run: the Kindertransport of 1938-1939“.

In this six minute video, Mia tells the story of how she came to show her art first at the Museum Peter August Böckstiegel in Werther (East Westphalia) and then at our museum in Dorsten, and she shares the impact this has had on her life and her feelings towards Germans and Germany. Mia is the daughter of German Jewish refugees who fled Germany as children in 1939.


Picture: Section of „Fractured Legacy“ by Mia Weinberg (Foto: JMW)